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Methods and Applications of Multiobjective Optimization

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Campus Adlershof
Rudower Chaussee 25

Room 1.115
Every Wednesday
5:30-7:00 pm


Date Speaker, Title
20.4. N.Kroll (DLR)
Need and use of multiobjective optimization in large scale engineering applications
27.4. A.Griewank (HU)
Mathematical Characterization of the Pareto Front (and why simple scalarization is not good enough) Uhr T.Steihaug (Uni Bergen & HU)
A review of the normal-boundary intersection (NBI) method
9.5. HU & Matheon - Workshop
Optimization in Aerodynamics
11.5. / 18.5. N.Gauger (HU)
Efficient Optimization of Aerodynamic Coefficients I/II
25.5. D.Bestle (TU Cottbus)
Some applications of multicriteria strategies in mechanical engineering
1.6. HU & Matheon - Workshop
Software for Optimization
8.6. N.Gauger (HU)
One Shot Approaches in Aerodynamic Shape Optimization
15.6. A.Griewank (HU)
The Pareto front as range boundary and its generic singularities
29.6. J.Guddat (HU)
Calculation of a feasible point of a non-convex set with application in multiobjective optimization
6.7. P.Mbunga (HU)
Vector optimization problems and parameteric optimization
13.7. N.Gauger (HU)

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